“Huh? You want to know about us? We are the daughters of life. Yes I know daughter usually implies female, but that is what we are. Now do you want to know or not? Okay then. Don’t Interrupt. Energy, passion, fun, excitement, this is what we are. One never needs a reason, only a desire. And then chase. Curiosity and fun rules all. Speaking of which, this isn’t fun, so you better making it more worthwhile otherwise I’m off. Seeqra you say? Ah, now you aren’t completely ignorant of us then. The greatest drink of them all. Stronger then even those ”/wikis/auromon" class=“wiki-page-link”>Auromon drinks eh. It’ll liven any party, but then so will we. Unlike you who try to discourage your children from doing things, we encourage. Nothing replaces personal experience. But yes, the young are so lucky. They have to travel so little to find new worlds. Kind of makes me miss the days, but the naming ceremony is a grand thing. Most fun I had in my life, even if I did tear my leg open. Ah who cares that’s just the past; now is now. Gotta go forward; find new things. More people to mimic and play pranks on. All our little games. Okay well I grow tired of explaining to you, and another drink won’t do it this time. You should do something more fun, then you’ll have more friends and people around."
-Unnamed Salai

Physical Description:

Height – 14”
Weight – 8lbs.
Skin – Anything with color. Most commonly reds, blues, or combinations there of.
Hair – Very Vibrant. Again, reds blues, pinks, purples, fuschia, etc.
Eyes – Usually a mix of a couple colors often with their hair color being one of them.
Wings – Like gossamer, but with the lines glowing in the dark off a deep blue or purple.


Speed 1; fly 7
+2 cha; +2 dex
+2 thievery; +2 bluff
tiny size
low light vision
languages: Maerik & Sala
+1 reflex

trained in stealth
if you have cover or concealment when you roll initiative, you may also make a stealth check to become hidden.
may use the wizard cantrip ghost hand once per encounter

Astral sight (as Dacelorn)

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Pixie; Some Halfling or Gnome.


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