“We care for the garden. The world. We are part of the world. More part of the world than you. We have the roots of the plants and their foliage too. We feed off the sun. We understand the flow and purpose of the seasons. We are nature.

We live as it tells us to. We follow its call, which is a higher call than that of the Guardian. She makes mistakes Nature does not. There is no city of our people, as all of nature is our city. No rulers. There is everywhere and everything.

Yes we reproduce. It is not something to be known, but to be experienced. Yes you could but now is not the time. We can mate with any race. Some of the plants are result. Look carefully.

Your questions are pointless. All has been said. We are."
- Unnamed Oroik

Physical Description:

Dryad crossed with Marlboro.

Height – Casually 5’ Standing tall 7’ 2”
Weight – Unknown
Skin – Vairous Greens or browns depending on age, species, and whether is bark or not
Hair – depends on plant strain carried. Mix of flowers and foliage from them.
Eyes – Indigo, Violet, Ultra Violet, Blue.

Above the waist Oroik have a humanesque torso arms and head but usually a bit smaller. Below the waist is a mass of vines or roots or both. You use these to walk around and usually keep them more outstretched then vertical.


Speed 5
+2 wis & +2 Con
+2 nature & +2 endurance
Medium Creature
low light vision
+1 Fort

Do not suffer penalties for encumbrance
-1 to all knock-back against
resist 5 damage from poison
ignore difficult terrain from natural terrain

at will:
speak with plants (this is the Oroik’s language)
can try to gather information from the flora. Effectiveness depends on type and age of plants (IE the “wise old oak” will know more than a sapling or grass, but might be less inclined to talk to you)

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Hamadryad, Wilden, and some Dwarf.


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