“What separates us from the beasts I ask you? Culture, or more precisely art. And so we celebrate art in any and all forms. One can do anything as long as one holds this view. While we may dabble in multiple varieties, we eventually will choose one as our calling. And they aren’t always the standard varieties. Selling things can be an art, potion making, adventuring and exploring, even our bodies.

Yes its true. Over time our appearances slowly take on those of the people around us. Husband and wife do end up looking alike, but so do good friends. What happens if a member of one sex is isolated with only the opposite? Well their bodies will take on the others characteristics. On rare cases of prolonged conditions, they actually will change sex. Recorded accounts says that first all the appearances change, and then one day, the body decides its time and starts the total change. It is supposedly fairly painful. Records indicate it taking from 1-10 hours. I couldn’t tell you which is correct. As for the persons mind, some say it changes but personally I think that any mental change is from adapting to living with the people your around than any physical change.

But enough of that, for it is of little consequence. Unless done as art in some manner that is. You look at me skeptically, but what you are doing could be done as an art form if you wanted to. Me? I’m in some way more traditional, in that I am a tailor. However, my best creations are can morph with the person. That is where I am most proud. It was upon the creation of that that I finally settled upon a name. You see while we have names, it is said that until we have created a masterpiece we don’t really know our true name. And so that is when I found mine."
-Unnamed Levasi

Physical Description

Appearance morphs to match company slowly over time, thus can greatly vary but tend to stay between 4’ 10” and 6’ 6” in height and body weight doesn’t seem to increase by more than 25% Non normal features to Levasi (such as Tails or horns ) don’t always form to match, but do form.


+2 CHA +2 any other stat
+2 streetwise; +diplomacy
medium creature
Languages: Maerik & one other
Normal Vision

+5 to bluff for disguise only
+2 to all crafting checks
+1 feat

encounter power:
move action
range: melee
touch a willing creature to gain a racial benefit of the creature for one round
(sustain by maintaining contact)
(example water breathing from a creature that can breathe water, astral sight power by touching a creature with eyes capable of it)

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Versatility based Half-ef & Human; changeling.


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