“The tale of my people is long in deed young one. You look at me strangely for calling you that, and I understand why. While you may have even been alive longer than I you have not lived as much or as hard as I have. It is nothing against you, but it is the path you chose versus mine. Our world up here is not as tame as yours and so we don’t live as peacefully.

But to the story. We are as old as the other Ascendants. Yes we use the Dacelorn word because we understand their focus and trust them to do it well. They are our brothers after all. We have lived along side many for all, and while may have been in some of the greater wars, we do not fight for the sake of fighting. The one who does that is foolish and soon to be dead. No, we listen to the callings of the Land that bore us and the sky that raised us. Their balance is what sustains the life we live.

We didn’t always move as many small tribes. We once had a grand city, matched only by 2 others at the time, so it has been told. But during this time, people became restless, and their perceptions distorted. Life feel into disarray and we almost started warring against each other. So we abandoned that way of life. In some ways things are simpler now. We know what we must do and we do it. Before there was less that needed to be done."

“Where is the great city? There are many legends of it but they are not ones to be made brief. And they often seem to contradict. We don’t write down our stories because that detracts from their power and intrigue. You may write down what I tell you as we won’t have to read it.”
-Unnamed Auromon

Physical Description

Height – 6’ 8”
Weight – 300+
Skin – Pale Shades of Greens and Browns, with and olive being the most common
Hair – White to Black. No Color
Eyes – Browns, Black, Gray, Green, Hazel.
Horns – Wrapped around part of head with length being sign of potential. Rare occasions see them separating from the head which indicates either great promise or burden.
They Tend to have very muscular builds


speed 7
+2 con; +2str or wis
+2 athletics; +2 endurance
medium size
normal vision
languages: Maerik & Dacelorn
+1 fort defense

+2 speed when charging
gain combat advantage against opponents in natural difficult terrain (underbrush, broken rocks, etc.)
may ignore 1 square of forced movement
+2 to bull rush

immediate reaction
trigger: you are missed by an attack
make a basic attack against the target that missed you

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
some Goliath, some Minotaur & Wilden.


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