“There are those that thing we are cursed having been given such frail bodies, but we see it as a gift. It reminds us of how precious life is, and only our little brother and sister realize this. Since the survival of our young is not easy much of our time is spent helping with the raising them in the community, while the line family takes care of the majority of the responsibility. We who are the fortunate survive have the grand gift of seeing this world, which, while it has its problems, is glorious in its splendor.”

“While growing, everyone is trained in one of the martial arts as a means to build up our own resistance to the plights of this world. Adopting the practice of little brother and sister, we have realized the importance of a name and so at 12 the child earns the right to a true name. This is when they are fully accepted as a surviving member of the community. The ceremony for all children is held during the celebration of Arkath, our protector and the one whose passion burns in our hearts and allows us to overcome the hardships.”

“As we grow, while we may spread out, our hearts remain in the petrified forest at the base of Arkath’s mountain. And we all return one day.”
- Unnamed Almiroth

Physical Description

Height – 5’11” average for males, 5’ 9” for males.
Weight – 120 lbs for females, 100 lbs for males.
Skin tone – Usually orangish brown pigments (A sign of Arkath’s favor)
Eyes – All tones can appear, but they tend to be paler.
Hair – Redish brown, starting lighter at the scalp and getting dark at the tips.
Ears – slightly pointed
Limbs tend to be longer than the average person.


speed 6
+2 str +2 dex
+2 history; +2 athletics or acrobatics
medium size
low light vision
languages: Maerik & Almir
+1 reflex

ignore difficult terrain while shifting
+1 attack when bloodied
+1 attack and defenses when out of healing surges
-2 healing surges

close burst 1
make an at-will against all adjacent targets and become dazed until the end of your next turn

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Heroic based human, some dragonborn & elf.


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