“We are the children of the mind and the pattern. We dabble in these areas. It is from our dabbling that much of the current world is accessible. The portals for example. We are well known for our study and greatly accept the appreciation that is shown and not shown.”

“Because of this focus we built the school, so those unfortunate compatriots born of the other races may join us in our cause. We do not think of ourselves as superior, merely more focused in our own area. The greatest of us can reshape the worlds, silence the storms, heal the dead and communicate thoughts precisely. Tomorrow, we shall surpass these. We see no limit and will continually push until we find one. Until the beyond stops calling us.”
-Unnamed Yashura

Physical Description:

The tallest of the races with very long limbs and large bulb shaped heads.
Height – 8’
Weight – (whatever they wish, so they claim, believed somewhere between 200-400)
Skin – All shades of grey, never pure white or black.
Hair – None
Eyes – The inverse of their skin tone
Mouth appears as only a slit (not known how they talk through it)


Speed 5
+2 int +2 wis
+2 arcana +2 history
medium size
Languages: Maerik & Magi
normal vision

+1 will defense
+2 to all rituals
+2 saves vs arcane effects
reach (but not threatening reach)

encounter power:
Standard Action
close burst 1
push adjacent creatures 1 space

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Maybe Tiefling.


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