“You know that you are lucky I am giving you this time. You should have gone through the proper channels to get a meeting with one of the council members. Everything we do we do within the rules and regulations that are set forth. Please do not interrupt me. These regulations have been created over time learning from the past processes. If an error in judgment is made it is documented so that we can analyze it to the full extent and ensure that it does not have a repeat occurrence. You may see this as a restrictive and tedious lifestyle, but that is because you are use to a life of waste. We plan our journey and destination. You drift and hope to arrive. Many have come to appreciate our diligence as we end up being hired for many different tasks across the continents, including the sixth. You seem surprised but as long as things are regulated people will accept you.

It is unfortunate that I must inform you that not all our people are like this. We do have the unfortunate minority that tends to follow your life style. We try to teach them and show them the path back, but often it is not to be. So they find others to live among.

This is all the time I have to spare. If you want more information, then go through the proper channels next time."
-Unnamed Traza

Physical Description:

Large Bipedal lizards.
Height – 6’
Weight – estimated 260 lbs (including 40 – 50 lb tail)
Skin – Orange green brown grey, some mixture there of.
Crest – Many varieties often signifying lineage.
Tail – ~4-5 feet long


+2 con; +2 str or int
+2 diplomacy; +2 insight
medium size
normal vision
languages: Maerik & Traza
+1 fort +1 will

+5 vs bluff
prehensile tail
cannont be flanked (will not grant combat advantage) by only 2 enemies
will never suffer penalties from haggling

standard action
close burst 1
str, con, or dex +2 vs. reflex
knock target prone

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Will have to look into…


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