“Why should one talk, when there is so much to listen to? Why should one fly or run and pass everything by? Is what’s farther ahead better than what is here now? Why should I worry about growing tall, when there is a world that the big people miss out on. No, We are who we are. And while others think us too passive, and quiet, we see what they don’t. Hear what they drown out with their own nose. The flapping butterfly, the humming fungus, the world, there is much we get to enjoy that the rest miss out on. But we try at let them see when they are willing to take a chance.

In that endeavor we must watch out for the worlds they do not see and help preserve it for when they come to realize what they are missing. We must also help to take care of them, because their minds travel too fast to remember much of what’s important. And so we live to notice and take care of others.

Our precious children are raised to understand the importance of everything so that they may continue our work for generations to come. There will be a day when this shall all be worth while. And so gladly accept what we do."
-Unnamed Saliel

Physical Description:

Height – 18”
Weight – 15 lbs.
Skin – While lacking most pigment, it tends to have a slight white, blue or silvery sheen.
Eyes – Same range as skin, except on the rare occasion of completely pitch black.
Hair – always matches the eye color.
Wings – Very thin, like a sheet of micah laid over a spider web during the morning dew.


Speed 2; fly speed 6 ( no more than 1 square above the ground)
+2 Cha; +2 Wis
+2 heal + 2 diplomacy
tiny size
low light vision
languages: Maerik & Sala
+1 will

resist 5 necrotic
Choose 2: (1 feat; training in 1 skill; proficiency with 1 weapon or implement)

Astral sight (as Dacelorn)

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Pixie; maybe some Kalashtar or Deva.


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