You want to know about me? I’m so flattered. Oh where should I start. There are just so many interesting things. The differences of life up here to down there. You know I was amazed how different people are up here. You all worry so much. Especially the men it seems. So many of them have seemed so nervous when I’ve been serving them drinks. At least at first. You think I’m beautiful? Aww, thank you. If you’re going to keep complimenting me like this I may just have to keep you around for a while. I mean, it’s not something you normally hear while under the surface. From the men? There are no men. We have no men of our own. It use to be the main reason we came to the surface supposedly, to use your men. But there are so many fun things up here. Not to say I don’t like it down there, I do! I miss it at times. But things up here are so funny. All your customs and rules and all. It’s a lot of fun to play with you people to. Oh, it looks like my break is up. Sorry dear Maybe I’ll catch up with you after my shift.
-Unnamed Nasiel

Physical Description

Hair – Gold, Green, Light brown,
Eyes – Any color under the sun (there are rumors that they choose their own while growing up)
Skin – Gold, bronze, Silver,

Their faces tend to have big eyes and somewhat childlike structure giving them a constant youthful appearance to most the races. It is said they reach full maturity in 15 months after birth.

Unlike most aquatic creatures, they do not have gills per se. Their bodies absorb the needed oxygen from air and water both through the skin.


Speed 5 on foot, 6 swim
+2 Cha & +2 Con
medium size
dark vision
+1 fortitude defense

water breathing
swim speed
add con to healing surge value

encounter power
standard action
close burst 5
cancels all marks in area

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Some Genasi.


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