“We are the grandest there are. You should feel graced to even get to hear from us. But it would not do right to leave out the most important people in this document of yours. Yes, we of Heaven’s Reach have great responsibility, but it is expected. We oversee the world and have made many of the decrees that have kept it running smoothly. It is sad that few like yourself realize the important role we play. Fortunately most of our own people do. And those who don’t are cast out as they should.

First and foremost is Duty to the High Matron, and the to The Daughters Of Heaven. Because children have to be taught this they are raised in the shadow by the men until they are able to grasp this. From what I understand the males have their own Organization mirroring our own known as the Brotherhood, showing they understand that we know how to run life. That is all for now, until we can deem you more worthy."
-From the High Matron’s messenger

“In everything there is balanced dictated by its form and function. This is taught to us from the followers of Chimedaes. You know of him, he is one of the Guardians left behind. We follow his doctrines. As for our interaction with the females, we follow them as that is our position currently. They decide the rules, and we play within them. As long as we stay down here, most things fall to our decisions. The only time we travel up there is when a female chooses one of us to be her escort, or to be wed, or to mate. Very few males, those connected to the very high ranking females every live any length of time up there. But this is our life, we do as we must, and that is all.”
-From an Acolyte of the Brotherhood

Physical Description

Appearance of a standard human. Women have a slightly greater tendancy to be blond, men to be brown, otherwise normal.


+2 Wis, +2 Str (or +2 Dex for females from the city in the clouds)
+2 religion, (2 history males or +2 intimidate for females)
medium creature
normal vision
+2 will defense

+1 trained skill
+2 vs stun dominate & daze

encounter power:
immediate reaction
trigger: hit by a charm power that grants a saving throw
make a saving throw at +2 vs any charm effect

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Some Eladrin & Genasi.


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