“We don’t like to talk about ourselves much. We interact mainly to keep informed on the state of this world. At the birth of our race we were assigned a task and so we carry it out. It is not for you to know what the task is. We do our duty. But we have time for other things. Song and dance along with generous amounts of mead, and more recently the wee one’s Seeqra is also part of the activities. Hahaha, no we don’t get drunk. But we do like to liven things up. I tell you in all the world I have seen hardly a thing that is as much fun as a tavern with the tables pushed back and some great fiddlers playing while the rest dance.

Oh aye, we be great dancers. And while I imagine you wouldn’t fancy our singing, it is very heartfelt. But not all is fun and games. As I said there is our duty, and for that we train hard. Everyone serves the militia and helps with protecting the borders. It can be a lot of work. And we would greatly appreciate it if you would keep the rest of the portals your wizards have planned kindly off our land. I warn you now that those things could pose a great danger to you one day."
-Unnamed Darmon

Physical Description

Short and Stout:
Height – 4 ‘ 3” average
Weight – 180 lbs
Hair – Blond, Brown, Grey, Black, Red
Eyes – Green, Gold, Blue, Grey, Black
Facial Hair – Men – usually have braided Goatees and current trend is Handlebars
Facial Hair – Women – Often Full beards woven into their hair.


Speed 5
+2 con +2 int
+2 insight +2 history
normal vision
languages: Relic; Maerik

+1 fort defense
+5 vs fear & intimidate
grant additional +2 to flanking ally
proficient with light shields

Standard – Formation assault
The darmon and all adjacent allies may make a basic attack against the same target

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Some Dwarf.


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