“We are the children of history. In truth all of the ascendants should be, but racial memory of the important things is often short lived. Thus we must take it on ourselves to help watch out for the previous mistakes that resulted in the downfall of our ancestors. The celestials granted us the foresight and hindsight to make fair judgments and so we serve the others as the watchers. Our first duty is to truth, followed by family, and then to the descendants of Alomar for without him none of us would be here now.

Beyond these duties, which are no small matter, we get to be the individuals we are. Whether the arts, or magic, or the more physical of professions calls ones heart that is what she should follow. The more diverse our population the more points of view we can tap to serve the ministry and the greater the Eternal Weave becomes."
-Unnamed Dacelorn

Physical Description

Height – 5’4” (both males and females)
Weight – 85 lb.
Skin tone – ranges from a peach to a dark tan.
Hair color – tends to be dirty blond at the lightest to black.
Eyes – can be any color and always have a geometrical design in them.
Slightly pointed ears.


+2 INT +2 WIS
+2 Perception +2 Insight
Medium creature
Languages Maerik & Dacelorn
Normal Vision

+1 will defense
+5 to saving throws vs. Illusions
Doesn’t grant combat advantage if surprised
perception is always a class skill

Encounter Power:
Astral Sight
Minor Action
For 1 round adjust your eyes to see the magic in the world and the relative patterns (lets you see existence and relative strength of all magic nearby.)

D&D race feats allowed (maybe):
Deva (maybe) githzerai (maybe).


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